An Appeal for Help

On 24 April 2015 a major earthquake struck Nepal, causing extensive loss of life and damage to property in much of the country. Chasey Kengtse Hostel, which is home to over 100 children and staff members in the Bonpo village of Lubrak, in the remote district of Mustang, is no longer habitable. We propose to dismantle it, stone by stone, and move it to a secure foundation built on a nearby location. The children and staff are well, living in tents and under tarpaulins in nearby fields. The reconstruction of the hostel is a matter of urgency for the continued well-being of the children and their education. The task will require the purchase and transport of new materials and the hire of specialized labor. The estimated cost is equivalent to 40,000 USD (35,700 Euros or 26,300 GBP).

If you would like to donate to the project of reconstruction, please see the information provided at the foot of the page.

Here is a short film about the life of the hostel before the earthquake:

Chasey Kengtse faces challenges. Many families are relatively poor, and cannot afford the fees required to cover staff salaries and the costs of subsistence and educational materials. This has been possible thanks only to the great generosity of our benefactors. And now the hostel has suffered severe and irreparable damage due to the earthquake and its aftershocks: the walls, roofs and floors are badly cracked and the foundations damaged by a landslip. At the time of writing the children are living under temporary shelter in the village fields. The hostel needs to be dismantled and rebuilt on a more stable site nearby.
If you would like to help with the task of raising the 40,000 USD required to make this possible, you can send a donation to the following account. We are deeply grateful for any contribution you may be able to make.

IBAN: AT62 6000 0104 1008 3073
Bank name: BAWAG PSK, Austria
Account holder: Gerhart U. Langthaler

Or direct in our Nepali Bank Account what is:

Account No.: 1901524159346018
Account Name: Mustang Bon Action
Swift Code: MBLNNPKA
Jomsom Branch, Jomsom-Mustang

If you would like further information on Chasey Kengtse hostel or Lubrak village, please don’t hesitate to write to us:

Lama Norbu Bhara:
Kemi Gurung:
Charles Ramble:
Imre Zoltan: